Katie Delaney For Brevard County Commission District 1

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End The Corruption

  • The irresponsible overdevelopment needs to STOP. While growth is needed, it can not be done at the expense of existing homeowners. We need to hit the pause button and restructure how we go about developing in a responsible way that is not going to flood everyone out!
  • Boards filled by the commission must be filled with citizens who DO NOT have conflicts of interest.
  • Public records requests must be given to the public in the same way it is given to a developer or special interest group. There is no reason why a citizen should have to pay hundreds of dollars to receive records that have been given FOR FREE to the special interests.
  • NBEDZ (North Brevard Economic Development Zone) must be dismantled. All small businesses in Brevard County are taxed, yet it’s the millionaires and billionaires that are benefiting from this fund. The NBEDZ board is picking winners and losers, and it must be stopped!
  • STOP THE ANNEXATION OF UNINCORPORATED BREVARD: Many cities in Brevard have their eyes set on the unincorporated areas. As commissioner I will fight to keep our unincorporated lands to ensure those residents are protected from heightened taxes, which a city brings. As a resident of unincorporated Brevard myself, I know why people moved here; lower taxes and less government involvement in our day to day lives!

Quality Of Life

  • IRRESPONSIBLE OVERDEVELOPMENT: The overdevelopment is causing extreme conditions that are or will be hitting every resident’s pocket!
  • FLOODING: We are having catastrophic flooding issues that we have never seen before in Brevard County.
  • TRAFFIC: Our roads are so congested that they are almost at the level of UNSAFE. According to the Transportation Planning Office, we need $699M to deal with the capacity issues we have TODAY, not to mention how much worse that will be with continued growth.
  • INSURANCE: With the increased amount of flooding, we risk becoming the next California! They have recently put out reports that homeowners in California DO NOT QUALIFY for insurance because of the conditions and risk. If the county doesn’t stop what its doing we will be next!
  • WATER QUALITY: Our drinking water in Brevard has UNSAFE levels of PFAS (Perfluorooctyl Sulfonate) and now our current Commissioners are planning to take SEWAGE, “clean” and reuse it, to supplement our depleting aquifers, instead of developing responsibly. Our county does not have the technology to properly filter out the PFAS in the water; we must push back against this initiative! The area known as FARMTON is of great importance to ensure the north end has fresh clean water. It is a major wetland recharge station for our aquifers in north Brevard.
  • OUR LAGOON: The sewage “spills” must stop. The money from the half cent sales tax should be used to update our sewage plants and fix the sewage piping, like it was intended for! Most aren’t aware that the half cent sales tax is an INFRASTRUCTURE TAX. It was not intended to be used for muck dredging, as that is maintenance. Our lagoon must be fixed; not only for the obvious environmental reasons, but also for the economic impact it will have on our community!

Public Safety

It is critical that we support our Sheriff’s Department, Fire Department, and EMTs! Without their service, our quality of life will be greatly affected! I will do everything in my power to ensure that we support these services to ensure that they have what they need to keep our communities safe!

Other Important Stances On Issues

  • COVID MANDATES/MEDICAL FREEDOM: As a staunch advocate for medical freedom, I will NEVER vote for a mandate that will violate your body autonomy.
  • 3% TAX CAP: I will never vote to remove the 3% property tax rate, nor vote to raise it!
  • ELECTION INTEGRITY: I will do everything in my power to promote safe, fair, and free elections!
  • FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS: I will never vote or work towards squashing the people’s voice. At the end of the day, we are here to SERVE THE PUBLIC! Your voice is the most important, and must be protected!



Your financial support is crucial for Katie to effectively advocate for the policies that matter most.

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